Mens Thermal Wear

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Mens Thermal Wear

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  • Mens Thermal Wear - YP2850-M1860V
Mens Thermal Wear
Model - YP2850-M1860V
The men's quick-heating thermal long sleeve (crew neck, V-neck).
  • material:91% polyester、9% elastane
  • color:black, gray, blue
  • Made in Vietnam
  • This men's quick-heating thermal long sleeve is an ideal choice with multiple advantages. Here are its features:
  • Advanced technology fibers: Made with advanced technology fibers, it generates heat quickly, keeping you warm in cold environments.
  • Fine brushed inner layer: The inner layer is delicately brushed, providing a soft and comfortable touch, allowing you to feel warmth and lightness.
  • Zero sense of restriction: Designed without any constrictions, it allows you to move freely, whether you're relaxing indoors or engaging in outdoor activities.
  • Streamlined design: The shoulder-forward design follows the body's curves, ensuring a slim and tailored fit that doesn't pull back when worn, providing you with confidence and comfort.
  • Contoured sleeve cut: The sleeves are tailored along the axis of the arm, offering a better fit and greater comfort, allowing you to enjoy unrestricted movement.
  • Lightweight and gentle: This thermal garment is made with a lightweight and gentle fabric, providing a soft touch and a comfortable wearing experience.

Elevate your winter wardrobe with our Men's Thermal Wear – the ultimate solution for those seeking warmth, comfort, and style in colder seasons. Crafted for the modern man who refuses to compromise on both fashion and functionality, this thermal wear collection redefines your winter essentials, offering the perfect fusion of insulation and contemporary design.

Indulge in the luxurious comfort of our Men's Thermal Wear. Designed with high-quality thermal materials, this collection provides an extra layer of insulation to keep you toasty in chilly temperatures. The innovative design ensures optimal heat retention while allowing for breathability, preventing overheating and ensuring you stay comfortably warm.

Say goodbye to the discomfort of cold weather and hello to worry-free warmth. Our Men's Thermal Wear is not only practical but also versatile, making it suitable for various occasions. Whether you're layering up for outdoor activities, hitting the slopes, or simply staying cozy indoors, this collection is your go-to choice for ultimate winter comfort.

Invest in your winter well-being with the assurance that our Men's Thermal Wear provides the warmth and style you need. The form-fitting design makes it easy to layer under your favorite outfits, ensuring a seamless blend of fashion and functionality. Choose comfort, choose warmth – choose our Men's Thermal Wear today!
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Men's warm graphene round neck long sleeves BD750 Material:33% nylon, 62% polyester (moisture-wicking yarn), 5% elastane Color:Heather gray black, light heather gray Size:M, L, LL, 3L Made in Vietnam This men's graphene round-neck long-sleeved shirt features the following characteristics: Releases far-infrared rays to promote metabolism: The graphene material releases far-infrared rays, which helps improve blood circulation and accelerate metabolism, contributing to overall health. Excellent thermal conductivity and temperature regulation: Graphene has exceptional thermal conductivity, allowing it to quickly absorb and conduct body heat, providing long-lasting warmth and comfort. Shields against electromagnetic waves: The graphene fabric has the ability to reduce the impact of electromagnetic waves on the body, offering protection against potential electromagnetic radiation. Balances body current and prevents static electricity: Graphene possesses unique electrical properties that balance body current and reduce static electricity, ensuring a more comfortable wearing experience. Superb moisture-wicking and breathability: The structure of graphene fabric allows for excellent moisture absorption and breathability, keeping your skin dry and comfortable. It also offers exceptional skin-friendliness. Long-lasting antibacterial and odor control: Graphene exhibits powerful antibacterial properties, as the edges of the graphene nanosheets can puncture bacterial cell membranes, preventing their reproduction. Additionally, graphene contains trace elements that can decompose odor molecules, keeping the garment fresh and pleasant.
PROMAN Thick Cationic Thermal Fleece Thermal Top and Bottom M1950-1970 Material:92% polyester、8% elastane Color:black gray pattern, royal blue pattern  Size:M、L、XL Made in Vietnam This Thick Cationic Thermal Fleece Thermal Top and Bottom set is made of cationic thermal fleece, offering the following benefits: Rapid Heat Retention: Cationic thermal fleece quickly absorbs and retains heat, providing fast and long-lasting warmth. Thick and Lightweight: The garments have a moderate thickness, ensuring warmth without feeling heavy or bulky. Soft, Skin-Friendly, and Breathable: The inner layer is treated with a plush finish, offering a soft and skin-friendly feel while maintaining excellent breathability to prevent discomfort from trapped heat. Four-Way Stretch: The top and bottom feature four-way stretch capabilities, allowing for a comfortable and snug fit that enables unrestricted movement. Quick-Drying: The cationic thermal fleece material has quick-drying properties, efficiently absorbing and wicking away moisture to keep you dry and fresh. Additionally, the pants have the following features: Side Pocket Design: Convenient for carrying small essentials and keeping them within easy reach. Ankle Cuff Design: The elasticized ankle cuffs provide a secure fit, prevent cold air from entering, and enhance warmth by sealing around the ankles. This set provides exceptional warmth, comfort, and practical features, making it perfect for staying cozy in colder temperatures.
Men's cotton thermal pants -  YP550-560-570-BVD-PROMAN Color:white, black, gray Size:M、L、XL、XXL Made in Taiwan or Vietnam This men's cooling plain T-shirt or tank top is made of a blend of rayon and polyester fibers, combining the characteristics of both materials. The rayon fibers provide a soft and comfortable feel, as well as moisture-wicking properties to keep the body dry and cool. The polyester fibers, on the other hand, offer durability and quick-drying features, making the garment long-lasting and easy to clean. With its solid color design, this cooling attire is sleek and stylish, suitable for various casual and athletic occasions. This men's cooling attire is available in two brands, YG and PLAYBOY. Both brands offer options of round neck T-shirts and tank tops, while PLAYBOY also provides V-neck short-sleeve styles. The YG brand's cooling apparel is made from plant-based cellulose fibers (rayon) extracted from mugwort, featuring the following characteristics: Mugwort releases negative ions, improving the environment with an excess of positive ions and providing a comfortable sensation. Mugwort possesses natural antibacterial properties, making it suitable for sensitive skin, as it is hypoallergenic and non-irritating. The cooling garments combine the soft and smooth feel of mugwort plant-based cellulose fibers (rayon) with the moisture-wicking properties of ultra-fine polyester fibers, ensuring a comfortable and refreshing experience.
Men's Warm Fleece Round Neck Long Sleeve and Long Pants YP1950-1970 Surface Material:100% cotton Inner Material:35% cotton, 61% polyester, 4% elastane Color:black, gray  Size:M、L、XL Made in Vietnam Introducing the "Men's ArcticPlush Round Neck Long Sleeve" and the "Men's ArcticPlush Long Pants," sold separately. The inner lining mimics the luxurious fur of a polar bear, providing exceptional warmth and insulation. The thick construction ensures optimal comfort and protection, making it perfect for wearing in cold weather. The garments offer excellent four-way stretch, allowing for easy wearing and unrestricted movement. The elastic-woven collar retains its shape even after multiple washes. This versatile thermal clothing is suitable for relaxed and various occasions, providing comfort at home and beyond. The long sleeve top features unrestricted cuffs, allowing for a full range of arm movement. The pants have adjustable cuffs to customize the fit, ensuring a comfortable wearing experience. Additionally, the pants are equipped with convenient side pockets for carrying personal items. The waistband is made with a durable and stretchy elastic band, providing durability and long-lasting wear.